My life sucks, but that's okay.

2016 is a fickle bitch. 

It started harmless enough. I was in the Washington DC area and lovin' it. 

I got to move into a new apartment in Dallas. It was nice enough. Then I got notice I was being transferred to Austin!

So, then I moved from Dallas to Austin (while this is a good thing it still sucked having to pack up and move again).

Now, here's where everything starts to suck. My dog was shot. Yes someone pointed a gun at and shot my dog. He survived thanks to the amazing surgeon at the Heart of Texas Vet Clinic. Seriously, those guys are amazing. While he did survive I am stuck with the $2,000 in medical bills. 

And now when I'm only a few hundred dollars away from paying those bills off, I get laid off. 

So, now I've got to figure out my next step. Do I stay in Austin, do I move back to Dallas or somewhere else in the world?

I'm not sure what my next move is, but I'm going to enjoy my time off. I might take the opportunity to become a yoga teacher, or a bartender (two wildly different options, I know). Or I might just troll the internet and try to find a job somewhere. 

I love my career, I just want to get back to it.