Frequently Asked Questions | Freshly Artisanal Queries

Who are you? 

I'm Jason Cahill, I'm a writer. But not the one from the Sopranos. I wish I was though, that guy is LOADED. 

Can I hire you to do stuff? 

Sure. I'm a really good copywriter, but I can also do other stuff. I can clean your apartment, play with your dog, and I can even fold your fitted sheet. Rates differ depending on the job. 

Where are you?

I still don't know.

Can I buy something from this website?

Not yet. 

Are words that really hard? 


What is your stance on the Oxford comma? 

I'm all for it. 

Thoughts on the Semicolon?

 I disagree whole heartedly with the semicolon; I find it to be an antiquated piece of punctuation. 

What's the best headline you've ever written?

I love them all equally.

What is the meaning of life? 

Um, I guess it's be a good person. 

How do I convert to a PDF?

Click it? I don't know. Ask someone else. 

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Ummm. Click here.

What powers would Kirby absorb if he ate you? 

Excellent question! He'd have several tattoos, he'd be unfortunately witty, his vision would be less than spectacular, and he'd spend his free time making a website about himself. Because he'd hate himself. 

Can I see this aforementioned Jason infused Kirby?


Wait! I have more questions! 

No worries. For fresh questions, just email me.