Sunday in the Shop

Sundays are the best day. Well, that's at least what Mitchell thought. Sundays were the only day that he had completely 100% to himself, and there was only one thing Mitchell liked to do on Sundays, work in his motorcycle shop. 

This Sunday was no different than any other. Early morning run, he didn't even let the rain stop him. Then a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, bagels and orange juice. Then after cleaning up the dishes he heads into his shop. Mitchell found a 1975 Honda CB750 on craigslist for just over $800. He knew it would need a bit of work to restore it to its glory days, but what's the point of owing a motorcycle shop if you can't work on your own bikes. 

While this Sunday was certainly no different than the last Sunday or even the Sunday prior, this was the first Sunday in which Mitchell was going to get to ride the Honda CB750 from craigslist. He has cleaned the carbs, replaced the exhaust manifold, installed new electrical components  and even repainted the tank. The only thing left he needed to do was change the oil and he could hit the road. 

He paused for a brief moment to revel in his work. 5 consecutive Sundays have been spent working on this Motorcycle. 5 consecutive weeks he has finished breakfast and walked to the shop to strip, scrub, flush or do god knows what to this motorcycle. 

The bite of excitement from being able to ride a new motorcycle was more than Mitchell could bear. He quickly finished the oil change so he could get ready to ride. He pulled on his leather jacket, slapped his elbows and shoulders to make sure the armor pieces were in place. He then pulled on his gloves. They were the right kind of tight, the kind of tight that makes you feel slightly more powerful for some reason. He then flexed his fingers and grabbed his helmet. 

After throwing his leg over the motorcycle and getting settled on the saddle, he took out the key and turned on the ignition, pulled in the clutch and pressed his favorite button, start. The motorcycle roared to life creating an almost deafening echo within the small shop. Wrenches rattled, bolts shimmied and screws fell to the floor around the thundering motorcycle.

Mitchell pulled on his helmet and pulled out of the garage into the rain the enjoy the final ride of the season.